This Guy Tried to Float Across the Border On 50 Pounds of Marijuana

The United States Border Patrol busted a would-be Mexican smuggler attempting to float across the border on a 50-pound marijuana raft. In fact, he made it across the border, but didn't get to land. The AP reports that he was a mere 600 yards from shore before getting busted. Where there's a weed, there's a way. »9/27/13 11:14am9/27/13 11:14am


Cavemen Were So Freaking High When They Made All Those Cave Paintings

If you've thought about it at all, you've probably come to the conclusion that being a caveman sucked. There was NO Internet, NO such thing as burritos, you spent all your time during the day grunting and escaping predators, and you also carried on your hunched-over hominid shoulders the responsibility of the whole… »7/15/13 12:28pm7/15/13 12:28pm

Huff Your Medicine With the Inhaler-Shaped PuFFiT Vaporizer

Yeah, no, fumbling with a small wooden box and exposed electrical connections is real subtle. If you really want want to get high on the down low, you need to conceal your vaporizer as something that doesn't look like a vaporizer but also doesn't look like an IED. Something like an asthma inhaler, for instance. »6/26/13 4:31pm6/26/13 4:31pm

Why You Can't Get Stoned from Smoking Hemp

It's an honest mistake, thinking that marijuana and industrial hemp are one and the same. And in some ways they are: both are species of the genus cannabis, they both have the iconic five-fingered pot leafs, and both are widely sought after the world over. But aside from their outward appearance, they two have very… »6/25/13 4:26pm6/25/13 4:26pm

This Is How Much Pot Is Seized At The U.S.-Mexico Border

The Center for Investigative Reporting is doing a really serious and extensive multi-part series on the drug trade and border patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border. There are budget analyses, infographics and policy reviews. This is legit reporting. But you know what, sometimes you get so wrapped up in your work that you… »6/24/13 10:59am6/24/13 10:59am